Have A Heart

We should want to be the change we want to see in the world. That doesn't happen by sitting back and lamenting about how terrible the world is and doing nothing more. That's stupid. So we're taking our little platform here in our corner of the earth and we're going to use it for good.

We'd like to partner with you to help your corner of the earth a little better. Do you have a fundraiser coming up, a community in need, or anything else you going on that you think will make the world a little better? Contact us at pettyproverbs@gmail.com, and let's talk about it!

This is just a short list of causes close to our hearts that you'll be hearing about from us!

Various environmental causes throughout the world

Newark, NJ Water Crisis (the city of our founders birth)

Flint, MI Water Crisis

Haiti (our family's home country)

Women's homeless shelters

Organizations helping children

Organizations helping send people to college

No kill animal shelters

And many more to come...stay tuned!




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